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A year of building: 2022 roundup

HUMAN Protocol
Dec 30, 2022

A year of building: 2022 roundup

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It has been a year of building and collaborating. On the execution side, the Protocol is fulfilling a vast quantity of work – between October and December 2022, Workers solved 250M tasks through the HUMAN App. Meanwhile, new use cases and integrations are under constant development through the Grants Program and Impact Projects.

Regarding development, HMT is now available across multiple chains, and the Maintainer Program ensures a decentralized approach to managing integrations and upgrades across many different networks.

This year has also been a landmark for the decentralization of the network. Not only does the Routing Protocol represent a real plan for decentralization, the Foundation has devolved decision making power to the community via Discord voting.



Much of this can be read about in our new Litepaper.

  • Between Oct-Dec this year, Workers solved 250M tasks through the HUMAN App.
  • Grants Program – nine grants awarded
  • Impact Projects – launched, working with multiple projects
  • Maintainer Program – Maintainers active on Skale, Moonbeam, BSC and Polygon, with Elrond, Neon, Celo, and OKX Chain to come.
  • GitHub monorepo – consolidating our codebase to make it easier than ever to build with HUMAN Protocol
  • HUMAN App and CVAT integration is now in beta testing phase to enable HUMAN App users to complete a greater variety of job types using dedicated CVAT servers.
  • Routing Protocol proposal approved by community – a new layer to facilitate network operation and decentralization
  • First community governance vote – proposal by Wormhole to build Routing Protocol and make it xChain passed
  • HMT listed on Probit and LBank
  • HMT on Multichain, Polygon, Moonbeam & BSC
  • Proof of HUMANity solutions are ready: Ledger solution, Worldcoin solution, Social Proof of HUMANity, and Biometric
  • HUMAN Protocol utility extends beyond ML to DeFi and much more

Network expansion

The original vision of creating an open-source data annotation system has been extended with multiple grants and the launch of HUMAN Impact Projects. Meanwhile, the grants program has exhibited a wide variety of use cases that extend far beyond ML.


  • Verita Trust – creating a decentralized customer feedback service. The grant is to integrate the HUMAN Job Launcher, which will allow for the request of customer reviews, and for those customers to earn HMT for their feedback.
  • Hummingbot – a software used to build market making and arbitrage bots. The grant has funded ‘Humming Human’, which will create an off-chain Recording Oracle layer, using Chainlink, that can facilitate the creation of decentralized reward pools for liquidity providers to participating platforms.
  • Blockchain HELIX – a Web3 identity platform. The grant will help to develop an app with their native blockchain identity software, Helix ID. This can offer a solution for Workers to be assigned reputations. 
  • Ramblist – a decentralized newsroom using the grant to fund the integration of the Job Launcher API into the platform to support their requests for news. 
  • DataUnion – designed to decentralize and democratize the data industry. DataUnion will use the grant to create a Recording and Reputation Oracle system.
  • Audino – also an Impact Project, this is an audio-tagging service currently focused on building a chatbot that can successfully translate between many Indian languages. It is supporting the efforts of the National Health Mission of the Indian Government. The grant will help to bring audio tagging tasks to the HUMAN App, and to collect a usable dataset.
  • Me Protocol – the first decentralized multi-vendor loyalty ecosystem, the grant will help them to integrate the HUMAN Job Launcher in their bounty creation system. The grant also outlines that they will integrate HUMAN Protocol into their ecosystem, enabling HUMAN Protocol to create bounties and for rewards (HMT) to be exchanged for other loyalty rewards within their marketplace.
  • Signa X – a 3D asset creation platform for the metaverse and gaming worlds. They will use the HUMAN Job Launcher to help game developers design challenges and offer payouts using the Recording and Reputation Oracles. They are also planning to integrate Proof of HUMANity in the signup process.
  • What’s Cookin’ – through this grant, Worker credentials on existing sources, such as Github, will be reachable via an API endpoint. What’s Cookin’ will also take care of signing this data as an NFT to decentralized storage solutions.

Impact Projects

The original application of HUMAN Protocol was to democratize access to data annotation services. HUMAN Impact Projects is an extension of this application. Through the Impact Projects, the Foundation is working with leading scientific research institutes and research-grade data annotation tools to allow them to scale, and monetize, their work.

  • Salk Institute for Biological Studies – home to an award-winning team of scientists, the Salk Institute is renowned for its quality of leading-edge research into diseases and cures. 
  • Social LEAP Estimates Animal Poses (SLEAP) – SLEAP is a tool within Salk. We are working with the team to allow them to access Workers who can use their animal and plant pose tracking data annotation tool to create new data sets.
  • CVAT – a semi-automated annotation tool for video and image annotation. CVAT jobs are now available through the HUMAN App!
  • Audino – a grantee as well, Audino is an open-source audio tagging tool. Work is ongoing to bring audio tagging jobs to the HUMAN App in order to create datasets that can power a translation service aiding the National Health Service of India.


Alongside the progressive usage and integration of the Protocol across many new networks, we have established new ways for the network to decentralize. Already, Wormhole proposed that the Routing Protocol be built, and be made xChain. We also let the community decide, in a vote, whether or not to list HMT on LBank

This is just the beginning. The Routing Protocol is essentially a blueprint for decentralization. It establishes the processes by which third parties can contribute to the running of the network, while it also establishes a proposal for governance.

We are already looking forward to next year. We will continue to get the community involved in more ways, to make decentralization active, and to facilitate the building of new use cases.

For the latest updates on HUMAN Protocol, follow us on Twitter or join our Discord. Alternatively, to enquire about integrations, usage, or to learn more about HUMAN Protocol, get in contact with the HUMAN team.

Legal Disclaimer

The HUMAN Protocol Foundation makes no representation, warranty, or undertaking, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or reasonableness of the information contained here. Any assumptions, opinions, and estimations expressed constitute the HUMAN Protocol Foundation’s judgment as of the time of publishing and are subject to change without notice. Any projection contained within the information presented here is based on a number of assumptions, and there can be no guarantee that any projected outcomes will be achieved.

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