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Grants Program

A new future of work. Built in collaboration.
USD10 Million HUMAN grants

Build, improve, contribute.

The HUMAN grants program helps others realize the potential of HUMAN Protocol across new applications and use cases, contribute to it, and build on top.

HUMAN Protocol is unique. It is an end-to-end infrastructure for the creation of permissionless job markets in which big jobs can be broken down into thousands of smaller tasks, distributed through integrated applications, and processed across multiple blockchains.

Inserted into more use cases, the potential for changing how we work – and how organizations access work – grows.

$10 million in allocated funds

To supercharge HUMAN adoption.

Grant Types


Proofs-of-concept and small improvements to HUMAN Protocol’s functionality.

Up to



High-potential use cases at an early stage of development, with a plan to create an MVP or beta version. Approval to this tier is a prerequisite for an innovator-tier grant if the application is pre-product.

Up to



High-potential use cases with a clearly specified delivery plan and evidence of traction.

Up to


Why build on HUMAN?

HUMAN Protocol is designed to transform the future of work, and change how organizations connect to workforces, and workers to opportunity. It also unlocks new possibilities for human-machine collaboration.

Automatic and trustless

HUMAN Protocol is trustless; work agreements are processed automatically and securely through smart contracts, with outputs validated by the Protocol.


Use HUMAN technology to build your own solutions. Low fees and high transaction speeds are assured by the Protocol’s operation across multiple blockchains.

A global workforce

Access to a large worker pool spanning the globe. Find workers to suit organizational requirements.

High-quality data labels

Harness user interactions to build detailed, highly relevant datasets at a low cost.

Multiple solutions

Access HUMAN solutions such as Proof of HUMANity for bot protection, and increase the value generated by your applications while protecting your userbase.

In addition to funds, successful proposals will receive:

Development and strategy support


Support in marketing and launch communications

Access to third-party vendors and ecosystem specialists

Access to exclusive community channels of applicants current and past

Why the Grants Program?

We want to help enterprises develop the strategies, tools, and technologies necessary to accelerate the adoption of the Protocol, and ignite the work revolution it makes possible. With HUMAN Protocol, the Foundation has developed a new foundation for work, capable of changing the ways we connect, interact, and collaborate. What begins with permission job markets becomes a general infrastructure for representing and expanding human value.

The grants program will help others to contribute to the HUMAN ecosystem, and support them in bringing the Protocol and HUMAN solutions – such as Proof of HUMANity – to new applications. Proposals will be considered by the HUMAN team, and assessed on merit, credibility, and the value they can deliver.

What HUMAN Protocol can be used for

The Protocol is a starting point; the data-labeling job market it currently supports may only be the beginning. The power of HUMAN Protocol, and the number of job types that can be completed through it, increases with each new application. What we’ve started, others can continue.

HUMAN Protocol is designed to transform a commonality of all business: work. It is a new way to value, organize, check, and pay anyone who contributes value.

Existing projects with workforces

Blockchain projects

New projects enabled by this technology

Distributed pools of workers


Global Q/A systems

It does not matter which category the adopter falls into; each is united by the same principle, the same core technology: a vision to unlock every kind of knowledge worker.

Grants Program FAQ

What is the grants program?


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Why have you created the grants program?


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Who can apply?


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What kind of project could benefit from the grants program?


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The core applications of HUMAN Protocol are data set creation and annotation, creation and settlement of job markets (meaning any contributors of value can be rewarded), and Proof of HUMANity. As a result, there are many projects that could benefit from the program, whether they are blockchain native, or operate in other industries. There is no limit on who can apply; no limit on who could benefit.
What is the application process?


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Applications are subject to a six-stage process:
  • Pre-submission. Early discussions and an online Q&A session. An opportunity to learn about HUMAN tech functionalities.
  • Application. All applicants will be required to complete the application form, which forms the basis of the proposal.
  • First interview. Designed to clarify questions from either side. A chance for us to get to know the applicant, and the applicant to get to know us. This will entail an overview of the proposal.
  • Second interview. The technical interview will involve a member of the HUMAN Engineering team to discuss the integration requirements, feasibility and difficulty.
  • Grants committee. A recommendation paper will be submitted to the grants committee to sign off on the funds. For more on how funds are apportioned, please see below. A vote will be held, and the applicant told of the result.
  • Due diligence and contract. Legal due diligence, commercial due diligence, background checks, and finalizing contracts.
What are the assessment criteria?


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There are five assessment criteria taken into consideration.
  • Adoption. An assessment of the applicant community, user base, brand, and reputation. A subjective assessment of the project.
  • Team. An assessment of the background, capabilities, and experience of the applicant team.
  • Value proposition. An assessment of the unique use case, and its broader implications for the future of work.
  • Implementation. An assessment of the proposal’s likelihood of successful integration.
  • Cost. An assessment of whether or not the potential costs are justified.
How much is the grants program worth?


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