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HUMAN community newsletter – #21

HUMAN Protocol
Feb 1, 2024

HUMAN community newsletter – #21

2 min read

Hello fellow HUMANs. We’re a month into 2024, and we’ve some exciting updates ahead. With new technology updates, products, and initiatives to get the community involved: new ways to learn and earn. 


  • In-progress restructures and redesigns of the HUMAN App and Dashboard. 
  • HUMAN Protocol to continue to sponsor Newconomics events around the world, bringing together industry experts and community members to discuss new technologies and foster collaboration. 


  • A new job type – text annotation – has been added to the Protocol’s supported job types. 
    HUMAN App
  • Work to restructure the HUMAN App has continued. We’ve partnered up with an external development team – BlockyDevs – to ensure the App adheres to HUMAN Protocol’s new architecture. 
  • We’re also working on improving the HUMAN App’s frontend and interface, and moving the App’s code into a monorepo. 
  • Governance of HUMAN App – in which the community selects proposals for the App, and directions – is being moved within the App’s interface, to enable more seamless and direct community participation. 
  • Tasks involving the annotation of animal skeletons are being developed via CVAT. 


  • Job Launcher is now available on our website. Now, businesses can directly launch CVAT job types to thousands of workers, and build comprehensive datasets. We’re currently in the process of testing hCaptcha-job-type implementation, as well as refactoring the codebase to improve efficiency. 


  • Adjustments and corrections made to the graphs within Dashboard, and how they represent lifetime data. 
  • A new design for the dashboard is well underway, with an eye on improving clarity, availability of information, and functionality. 

Ecosystem updates

  • Me-protocol is now able to successfully launch jobs into HUMAN protocol and will soon be launching jobs for verification of customer reviews.
  • HUMAN has partnered with Firebond to help produce training for the worker community. Training will initially be quiz-based, with questions about HUMAN Protocol. Successful completion will generate a hash key for the user, stored in a KV store, with the aim of building a credentialing system. 

Community updates 

  • We are conducting community meetings on Google Meet. The initial session took place on January 3rd, and the upcoming community call is scheduled for January 26th. Access the previous recording here.
  • Established a new community group dedicated to the Arabic community. 

Events and other news 

Following Newconomics’ success in Lisbon – read about it here – the event will continue as a standalone series; sponsored by HUMAN Protocol, and others. The focus of these events will remain on championing new technologies and defining new economies, both in and outside the Web3 space. Check the 2024 Newconomics calendar to see what’s coming up. 

HUMAN Protocol is coming to EthDenver. Will Mercer, HUMAN’s Head of Partnerships, will be speaking at the Open Information House side event on February the 29th. Reach out to connect. 


If you wish to enquire about integrations, usage, or to learn more about HUMAN Protocol, get in contact with the HUMAN team.

To stay up to date with the latest from HUMAN, follow us on X or join our Discord

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