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New apps, new chain: HUMAN Newsletter #15

HUMAN Protocol
Apr 3, 2023

New apps, new chain: HUMAN Newsletter #15

2 min read

An incredibly busy month culminated in the HUMAN Stars Up Night at Paris Blockchain Week, which was not only estimated to be the biggest side event to the PBW with over 300 attendees, but marked the launch of the HUMAN Ops initiative, and a new powerful research tool built using HUMAN Global Queries: Ask Athena.

This month also includes the first CVAT Beta report: 19 million annotations were received! The full release of CVAT work is coming very soon. Meanwhile, the tech contributors implemented the Meta code to the KV store to increase overall security.

With two new chain integrations, a new community program, a new product built on the Protocol, and new jobs in the HUMAN App, it has certainly been a month of progress.


CVAT is a sophisticated, open-source data annotation tool that can provide granular data annotations on image and video. It is a much needed tool in accumulating the specific, quality data required to create new AI products.

The core contributors at HUMAN Protocol have worked to integrate CVAT into the HUMAN App. While in Beta testing, the following results have come in:

  • Annotations received: 19,328,64
  • Failed annotations: 50,591
  • Success rate: 97.4%


HUMAN Protocol and HMT have been deployed on the MultiversX blockchain. This is hugely exciting; while our core contributors are actively limiting load on the HUMAN App, the requirement for new chains to process the demand is essential. MultiversX is a high-performance, highly scalable blockchain that can help to deliver on HUMAN Protocol’s potential. 


The HUMAN Stars Up Night was the biggest HUMAN event to date; but we know that bigger awaits us.

The event included a startup pitching contest, and continued with talks, and a chance to meet the team. Find out about the five things we learned at PBW.


A vision to reward the biggest supporters of HUMAN Protocol, the HUMAN Ops program is a brand new initiative to help spread HUMAN Protocol far and wide. It was announced at Paris Blockchain Week, and went live this weekend. Sign up on Crew3 to take part!

Ask Athena

HUMAN Global Queries – formerly IMOO – is a powerful technology that facilitates global question and response systems. Ask Athena is a product that has been built on top of HUMAN Global Queries; it is a research tool designed to apply HUMAN intelligence to solving the pain points of traditional marketing research, such as A/B testing to optimize CTRs. Through Ask Athena, marketing professionals pay for responses, not views, and can optimize their ad-spend like never before.

Events around the corner…

In April, our team will participate in Polkadot Now in India and Consensus in Austin: two more chances to meet amazing projects and people!

An incredible month with growth and progress in many different areas; with new AI-related tasks on the App, and new chains to process new volume, combined with new application of the Protocol, this has been an incredible month for increasing the utility of the network, along with its progressive decentralization

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Legal Disclaimer

The HUMAN Protocol Foundation makes no representation, warranty, or undertaking, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or reasonableness of the information contained here. Any assumptions, opinions, and estimations expressed constitute the HUMAN Protocol Foundation’s judgment as of the time of publishing and are subject to change without notice. Any projection contained within the information presented here is based on a number of assumptions, and there can be no guarantee that any projected outcomes will be achieved.

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