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Reflecting on Newconomics 2023: small steps, big strides, and looking ahead

HUMAN Protocol
Dec 20, 2023

Reflecting on Newconomics 2023: small steps, big strides, and looking ahead

2 min read

As 2023 draws to a close, it's time to reflect on the transformative journey of Newconomics 2023 and anticipate its next exciting chapter.

A gathering of visionaries

We launched Newconomics to provide a space for leaders of emergent technologies – across Web2 and Web3 – to come together. To converse, learn, and explore where and how these new technologies can intersect. 

With more than 1000 attendees and 50 keynotes and debates involving leaders from top companies like Google, Adidas, Benfica, Github, Ryff, and many more, Newconomics 2023 wasn't just a conference. It was a two-day assembly of visionaries from across multiple industries, converging to discuss the future of technology, and outline how we get there. 

Missed moments? Got you covered

With such a jam-packed schedule, it was impossible to catch every insightful moment. But don't worry, all keynotes and panels are available for replay. Whether you would like to revisit Sam Week's deep dive into "Where does Google Cloud Fit with Web3" or Erika Wykes Sneyd’s forward-thinking on "How Adidas went from NAGMI to WAGMI", you now have the opportunity to absorb every transformative idea at your convenience.

Among the highlights for the future of the HUMAN Protocol ecosystem, Nikita Manovich from CVAT detailed the partnership between HUMAN Protocol and the Salk Institute. On its side, Robert Wesley from MeProtocol delved into how blockchain empowers brands to effectively promote and share rewards across different brands, teasing a new use case for HMT token.

Finally, Newconomics2023 was the opportunity to launch new products such as HuFi, a groundbreaking tool for launching market-making campaigns. It was also the occasion to announce the relaunch of the Launcher, a comprehensive platform where all human activities can be centralized. This platform is designed to streamline operations, ensuring both payment and reputation management are handled seamlessly in one unified ecosystem.

A global community, more events to come

At the core of HUMAN Protocol is a belief in collaboration. Not just in building successful AI products – leveraging millions of workers across the planet – but in building an ecosystem of like minds, and creating the partnerships that drive technology forwards. 

Events such as Newconomics allow us to focus those efforts. Providing a platform to new voices, and achieving measurable engagement in a short space of time. 

Stay tuned to our channels – Twitter, LinkedIn, Discord – to learn about more events over the coming year. And follow the Newconomics website to hear first about the 2024 launch

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