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BugBounty Program

It’s a buggy world. Let’s improve it together.

What we want tested

Every nook and cranny of HUMAN should be carefully explored, and rigorously tested. But, for now, the scope of the program is exclusively focused on the website and its subdomains. For more information, visit the HUMAN blog.

Significant vulnerabilities that can be reproduced, and which have a significant system impact, can be worth between $50 and $2,500.

HUMAN’s intention is to gradually extend the program, to ensure that all HUMAN-powered applications, jobs, tasks, and job markets remain rigorously secure.


Highly Critical
Report a bug

HUMAN BugBounty program is aimed at ensuring the security of HUMAN Protocol, the applications that are powered by it, and the job markets that are built on top of it.

To build well,
break diligently.

For individuals and organizations to connect and collaborate within global job markets, it is critical that the underlying infrastructure – HUMAN Protocol – is as secure as it can be. Security is a prerequisite to safety, comfort, and familiarity: it inspires confidence.

HUMAN Protocol aims to create better ways of working. These ways may be unfamiliar – the new always is – but they cannot be unsafe.

A more secure HUMAN world

Safety is a state arrived at through collective effort. HUMAN is an open-source, community-led project. With the HUMAN BugBounty program, we welcome wider participation. We welcome anybody to identify and help us fix what is broken so that, together, we may realize a more secure foundation for global collaboration.