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DevBounty Program

Help us develop HUMAN Protocol

Big change is the result of small contributions

The HUMAN DevBounty program rewards community members for contributing to the development of HUMAN Protocol.

Proof of HUMANity logo

Integrate solutions such as Proof of HUMANity

Port labeling tools such as Mechanical Turk and Scale AI

Create technical documentation and education materials

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HUMAN Protocol

HUMAN Protocol is an open-source, community-led project. To build a new foundation for global collaboration, global participation is necessary. This is true for the technologies the Protocol makes possible, and it is true for the Protocol itself.

How it works

Detailed bounties are regularly published on the HUMAN Gitcoin page. These are available for anyone to work on, but require relevant skills and experience. Each bounty has a ETH value attached to it, which is released to the successful contributor upon completion of the bounty.

Types of tasks include the integration of solutions such as proof of HUMANity, porting data-labeling tools such as Scale.ai, and creating bespoke technical documentation and education materials.

The DevBounty program will evolve over time. We will regularly publish new bounties, as part of our mission to improve and expand the Protocol alongside – and through – our community.

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