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IMOO: Information
Market On-Chain Oracle

An on-chain oracle for decentralized prediction markets

Empower on-chain prediction markets through IMOO: a decentralized oracle to collate the input of millions, and arbitrate event outcomes.

A single question. Millions of responses.

IMOO dramatically diversifies the information available to prediction markets; by crowdsourcing responses with IMOO, prediction markets can accommodate more types of predictions, to allow for more expedient and reliable on-chain convergence.

Enhance the capability of on-chain prediction markets

Faster and more reliable convergence through the collated responses of millions

Accommodate the next wave of DeFi applications

Each response produces an accompanying transaction, and is represented on-chain

IMOO by HUMAN Protocol is a truly decentralized oracle that can provide crucial updates on event outcomes. By leveraging their HUMAN respondents, any prediction markets can receive accurate, real-time information on events such as the price of Bitcoin or the winner of the NFL Superbowl and everything else in between. Such technology – robust, decentralized, and on-chain – makes for the perfect oracle to power Zeitgeist's prediction markets.”
David Perry

Chief Information Officer
Zeitgeist logo

IMOO in action

Described by Pyth

The process will use HUMAN Protocol to collect the necessary off-chain information from impartial judges, then feed that information into a predetermined algorithm that determines the outcome of the claim.”
The HUMAN task will ask a random sample of workers to report several pieces of off-chain information.”
Prediction markets

An information (or prediction) market allows any individual or organization to trade on the outcome of an event. These markets depend on the availability of robust information. If a market is made to reward those who correctly predict the winner of an election, the platform which runs the market needs all the information available: opinion polls, newspaper headlines, party statements, etc. Otherwise, the market could reward the wrong outcome. This is what IMOO provides: democratically sourced information.

IMOO: decentralized arbitration for decentralized markets

Decentralized, the capabilities of prediction markets expand, and more diverse and numerous input can be included in market settlement.

By bringing global Q&A systems on-chain, IMOO offers a new building block for decentralized prediction markets.