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Meet the team building the future of decentralized labor

Harjyot Singh

Executive Director

Harjyot is the Executive Director at HUMAN Protocol. A seasoned engineering leader, he has worked in a variety of companies and industries over the past decade, with a focus on finance and distributed computing. He has also previously founded two start-ups, tackling issues such as misinformation and privacy.

His current focus is on exploring how cutting-edge technologies such as AI and blockchain can improve the day-to-day experience for the majority of internet users.

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Alex Newman

Protocol Designer

Alex Newman is the Protocol Designer at the HUMAN Protocol Foundation, and comes from a distributed systems and database background. He has founded and sold several tech companies, most notably Ohmdata (sold to WANDisco) and is a seasoned technology leader who has built and led engineering teams for over two decades. He most recently helped launch at Intuition Machines. He is now focused on using that experience to help bring the next billion transactions onto the HUMAN Protocol, driving adoption across industries by working with key technical stakeholders to ensure the Protocol meets their current and future needs.

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Nishan Shetty

Marketing Director

Nishan is a tenacious Growth Marketing Leader with a passion for user acquisition, product innovation, and creating compelling brand experiences.
He is extensively experienced in building brands using performance marketing and social media strategies, driving revenue and marketing efficiencies, building first-class digital experiences in a fast-paced result driven environment.

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Andreas Schemm

Head of Ecosystem

Thanks to his 12+ years of working in executive positions within high-tech and entertainment companies as well as founding his own tech startup, Andreas has gathered a substantial amount of experience founding and growing companies to €5m+ of yearly revenue and managing multiple teams. His business network spans across all sectors, but runs especially deep with marketing/advertising, gaming, Blockchain and all things digital.

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Vlad Komodey

Head of Engineering

Vlad is an experienced full-stack engineer and development lead with a degree from Belarusian State University. He is skilled in databases, Node.js (backend), and Python.

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Daniel Hernandez

Head of Design

Daniel is the Head of Design at HUMAN Protocol. He is an experienced product designer and creative director who focuses on the balance between strategy and execution in every project. He understands that client business models and accurate KPIs are as important as the UX/UI path, digital product design, and branding. Over the past 15 years, Daniel has worked as the lead product designer and creative director for a variety of global brands including Visa, Viacom, Coca-Cola, Pepsico, The Vatican, and Dunkin, as well as Silicon Valley, European, and Asian start-ups.

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Charlie Child

Staff Writer

Charlie is a professional content writer with a passion for helping readers appreciate topics which, to many, are difficult to understand. He has a deep interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, and specifically for presenting their importance and functionality in a way that is accessible to all. From the technical details of how something works, to the vision of how that may look in years to come, Charlie enjoys writing about projects with a strong core message. Although with experience in marketing, Charlie believes that the importance of good ideas will dawn on the audience when the messaging is clear. That’s his role – to make the project intelligible to every HUMAN!

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Aman Kalra

Product Designer

Aman is an architect-turned-product designer, with over 5 years of designing mass consumer driven platforms in a variety of diverse domains.

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Hayley Smith

Business Operations

Hayley is a project management professional who has over 7 years of experience working within hyper-growth start-ups. Hayley’s most recent projects include working on the London expansion of WeWork.

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Gustavo Guerra

UI/UX Designer

Gustavo is a Senior Designer at HUMAN Protocol. He has been a designer for over 20 years, working with brands such as BMW, Sitel, Sandeman Port, and Airbnb. His latest role was Head of Digital for an advertising agency. By strategically defining an outcome, Gustavo provides a better brand awareness, user experience and, therefore, better user engagement. He believes that making designs intuitive brings satisfaction to the user, and ensures user retention. Naturally, this is not an easy task, as trends move fast, and technology even faster; his primary motivation is to not only keep up, but to anticipate user demands.

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Eli-Shaoul Khedouri


Eli-Shaoul Khedouri is an advisor to HUMAN Protocol and CEO of Intuition Machines, an AI/ML company that serves many of the world’s best-known companies with AI/ML-powered products and services. This includes, now used by more than 15% of the internet. A recognized leader in AI, he has applied machine intelligence at scale to a wide variety of business problems. As one of the original designers of the HUMAN Protocol, he advises the Foundation on technical strategy in order to ensure the technology behind HUMAN remains flexible and responsive to real-world business needs.

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James Roy Poulter


James began his career in finance at EY, moving people, capital and companies around the world. His expertise is in accounting, tax and law: the rules and regulations that provide a framework for improving our lives across the world. As a Chartered Accountant, he was recognised in the 35 Chartered Accountants under 35, as well as Forbes 30 Under 30. James also has a strong technical background, and started his career buyside in crypto from 2013 at Playfair Capital, before founding the UK FCA Regulated The Reserve, a boutique advisory and investor in digital assets.

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